Addiction Treatment in Carbondale, IL

Addiction is a major problem in the United States and all over the world. Unfortunately, many people can't beat addiction on their own. That's where addiction treatment in Carbondale that utilizes a structured program can be so helpful.

When you go through addiction treatment in Carbondale, you give yourself the tools you need to stop using drugs and alcohol once and for all. You'll also find a safe environment that allows you to quit in an effective manner. For many addicts, the first few days of quitting are absolutely the most difficult.

No matter what kind of addiction you have, or how long you've been an addict, drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you. Start turning your life around today through substance abuse therapy programs. There's simply no reason that you need to suffer for even one more day when help is waiting for you.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction, at least as a concept, is something that almost everyone is familiar with. There's also a good chance that you know somebody who developed an addiction in the past and went through drug and alcohol addiction treatment to beat it.

  • In clinical terms, addiction is commonly broken down into two different types -- emotional addiction and physical addiction. In many cases, emotional addiction and physical addiction go together and must be treated together through substance abuse therapy programs.
  • Emotional addiction is commonly defined as a need to use or an attachment to using a particular substance. Many people develop an emotional addiction to drugs like alcohol and cocaine before true physical addiction takes hold.
  • Physical addiction begins when a person needs to use drugs or alcohol to simply feel normal. Many people who are physically addicted will use drugs and alcohol in the morning and at inopportune and unsafe times. Many long-term addicts need to use multiple times every day simply to avoid withdrawal.

Whether you have an emotional addiction, a physical addiction or both, seeking addiction treatment in Carbondale can help you get clean and sober again.

Types of Therapy

The thought of seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment through substance abuse therapy programs can be very scary for many addicts. After all, the concept of even quitting since it's such a big change can be difficult for many long-term users.

When it comes to addiction treatment in Carbondale and substance abuse therapy programs you do have choices. Many of these programs are ideal for ongoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment after you've gone through drug detox in Carbondale and inpatient care as well.

Group Meetings

Group meetings help many addicts who feel alone with their addiction. By having a regular time they can meet with other addicts and a counselor to talk about their feelings and concerns, many addicts develop a support system that allows them to stay clean and sober for the long haul.

Many addicts use group meetings in conjunction with other substance abuse therapy programs as well. Some addicts also attend multiple meetings or join more than one group to get the support they really need.

12-step Programs

12-step programs are relatively common in the United States. In fact, they're so common that you probably know somebody who is involved in one on a regular basis.

Designed to provide actionable steps that can make staying sober easier, 12-step programs have helped many people develop a plan for controlling their addiction. Many addicts also use 12-step programs in conjunction with group meetings to help them stay connected to a supportive community in their area.

Another main goal of the program is to help addicts make amends for past behavior that was at least in part a result of their addiction. This helps many people find peace and move on with their lives in a positive, constructive manner.

Individual Counseling

Group meetings and 12-step programs can be beneficial for some people, but not everybody wants to be in a group setting all the time. That's why individual counseling is often part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Through individual counseling, addicts can work with a specialist who can help them set sobriety goals and maintain strength through positive reinforcement and feedback. Individual counseling can also be a part of a treatment program that includes group meetings and even 12-step programs as well. Call now for help (618) 215-2262.

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