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The advisors at Carbondale Alcohol Treatment Centers match you up with an alcohol or drug treatment facility that can provide you with the caring, peaceful, and relaxing environment that ultimately aids in helping you to recover properly.

With the support of addiction counselors, in conjunction with a treatment program that is tailored to your needs, you will be able to achieve sobriety for the lifetime.

We understand that the life of an addict can be very lonely and isolated. The cycle of addiction is difficult to break on your own, and many people don't succeed by simply going ‘cold turkey' by themselves.

Being addicted to substances can lead you down a dangerous road, one that does not have a light at the end of the tunnel. Getting help today means that you are ready to take the first step towards recovery and happiness.

If you are willing to accept help for your substance addiction, then recovery is most definitely possible. Being in control of your actions is something that you can regain with the help of a rehabilitation center.

Whether you are in need of an inpatient treatment or outpatient program, we can match you up to a facility that can offer everything you need to get sober. If you are looking to overcome your addiction, call Carbondale Alcohol Treatment Centers today at (618) 215-2262.

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