Drug Detox in Carbondale, IL

Drug addiction is a problem that can feel inescapable to an addict. Unfortunately, many people never beat addiction. With drug detox in Carbondale, you can begin the process of getting past a long-term addiction though.

No matter what kind of substances you have abused, or how many times you've tried to quit, the drug detox process can make quitting much easier on you. Simply have trained professionals that work with patients at drug detox centers can make a huge difference when it comes to your recovery.

If you're ready to finally take charge of your life and beat your addiction, drug detox in Carbondale could be the answer that you're looking for. Drug detox centers have helped many people in the past and they can help you too.

What Is Drug Detox?

The concept of drug detox in Carbondale is probably one that you're familiar with, at least in a passing way. That's because many people who develop an addiction end up going through the drug detox process. Many people still don't know very much about the drug detox process.

When you enter drug detox centers, an evaluation is almost always the first step. Every addict and every addiction are different, and the people who will help you get clean and sober need to understand more about how to help you.

During detox, many programs will administer medication to help you deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. For some addicts, withdrawal symptoms can be severe and debilitating. There is also a risk of serious medical issues like a stroke in the cast of a long-term addiction.

In most cases, drug detox lasts about one week, but treatment does depend on the addict and their particular situation. After drug rehab in Carbondale, many patients enter an inpatient treatment program or follow up with outpatient care.

Doing this will give you the best chance at a successful recovery with a reduced risk for relapse. You'll still have a lot of hard work on your hands after the drug detox process, but it can help you get a leg up on sobriety and allow you to quit in a healthy way.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Detox

One of the main reasons that it is so hard for some people to stop using drugs is withdrawal. When you develop an emotional and physical addiction over time, withdrawal symptoms can be somewhat serious.

Common withdrawal symptoms associated with detox include:

  • Depression and anxiety. Many people experience depression and feelings of anxiety when they begin to quit drugs through the drug detox process. These feelings often pass, but suicidal thoughts can be a problem. Many drug detox centers offer medication to help ease these withdrawal symptoms.
  • Inability to sleep and restlessness. Often accompanied by anxiety, physical changes when you're trying to beat an addiction can make it hard to rest and sleep. Quality sleep is important for recovery, however, so some programs offer medication and therapeutic programs to help you sleep.
  • Nausea, vomiting, sweating, and tremors. These are common symptoms associated with detox and many people feel like they have the flu. Symptoms typically subside within one week, but medication can help you feel better in the meantime so you can focus on recovery.
  • Stroke, heart failure, seizure and respiratory failure. These symptoms are not common, but they can happen to severe addicts. For long-term addicts or heavy abusers, this is one main reason why medical detox needs to take place. Otherwise, you may not have help when a life-threatening symptom presents itself.

When you go through addiction treatment in Carbondale, medicine, medical staff and therapeutic programs can be utilized to make withdrawal easier on you. Reduced withdrawal symptoms can make the early stages of quitting easier on addicts, giving them a chance to truly succeed and reach sobriety.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

The thought of going through drug detox in Carbondale can be frightening, but getting treatment has helped many addicts turn their lives around. Without treatment, you may be putting yourself on a difficult, dangerous path even if you do attempt to quit at home without medical help.

With something as important as your health and sobriety, it only makes sense to seek out professional help when it comes to drug detox. Call for help (618) 215-2262.

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