Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Carbondale, IL

Addiction can have a major impact on almost anyone, no matter where they come from. In Carbondale and surrounding areas, drug and alcohol addiction are serious problems for many people. For some addicts though, dual diagnosis treatment in Carbondale is by far the best recovery option.

You don't have to face addiction or a mental health disorder alone any longer though. Reaching out to get treatment can help you change your life so that you're no longer suffering. You deserve to get the help you need and a reputable dual diagnosis treatment center can provide that help.

Keep reading to learn more about dual diagnosis treatment in Carbondale and how it may be able to help you.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a concept that has been around for a quite a while. Outside of professional addiction treatment circles though, many people simply don't understand the concept of dual diagnosis or what a dual diagnosis treatment center aims to do.

Dual diagnosis treatment in Carbondale is designed to treat individuals who are suffering from addiction issues and mental health disorders. Unlike drug rehab in Carbondale or psychiatric programs, dual diagnosis treatment programs aim to help people who are dealing them at the same time because they are often interconnected.

In many cases, addiction becomes an issue because of a mental health disorder. These disorders often develop in the teenage years. As people get older, they begin abusing substances as a way to cope with a mental disorder that is often not diagnosed.

Some addicts also develop mental health disorders related to their drug use. While this isn't particularly common, some drugs like alcohol and cocaine can lead to personality changes, especially if they're abused for a long period of time.

Addiction and mental health disorders can also occur at the same time, somewhat unrelated to one another. These issues still need to be treated together for addiction can lead to mental health issues and mental health issues can make substances abuse more likely.

Whatever your situation, dual diagnosis treatment in Carbondale can help you beat your addiction and manage mental health issues.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

A variety of factors come into play when dealing with dual diagnosis treatment programs and the people who can benefit from them. The fact is that there's no one type of patient that should seek help from a dual diagnosis treatment center.

Common mental health disorders that can benefit from dual diagnosis treatment in Carbondale include:

  • Depression. Individuals with depression disorders often self-medicate to feel better. Drug and alcohol abuse can make depression worse over time though.
  • Anxiety. Self-medicating is common for people with anxiety disorders, especially in social settings. Drugs and alcohol may help at first, but they are not an appropriate social crutch and consequences of abuse can be severe.
  • Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder sufferers often self-medicate to control moods, but drug and alcohol abuse can make mood instability worse. Some people with bipolar disorder are pushed further into mania or depression because of drugs and alcohol as well.
  • Mood and personality disorders. Individuals dealing with mood and personality disorders may abuse drugs and alcohol. In some cases, these drugs are prescription drugs designed to help control these issues.
  • Schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia abuse drugs and alcohol at the highest rate of any mental health disorder. Seeking help through a dual diagnosis treatment center can help stop the abuse once and for all.

Other mental health disorders can benefit from help through a dual diagnosis treatment center as well. No matter what mental health disorder you're suffering from, dual diagnosis treatment programs and addiction treatment in Carbondale can help you beat your addiction.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary? What are the Benefits?

The thought of dealing with a dual diagnosis is a lot for many people. For some, the idea of just having an addiction that they can deal with is much easier. Unfortunately, mental health plays a major role in addiction for many people.

Even if you do have a dual diagnosis, there are ways to beat your addiction and manage your mental health. Dual diagnosis is not a life sentence and you can get help to be a healthy, happy person again. Call now for help (618) 215-2262.


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